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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
SexGeeks: Good Vibrations, The L-Word, and Finding Love on Amazon.com
Lindsay and I are geeks about sex the same way other people are geeks about technology.

In this series we will be talking about all aspects of sex and relationships.

In this installment (51 mins, 24MB) we talk about:
Why Good Vibrations is a wonderful place
Expectations of personal sexuality in different cultures
The L-Word
Finding love on Amazon.com

We'd love to hear your feedback. You can either leave it here, or send an email to sexgeeks@gmail.com.
Wow, I am just finishing up listening to the first SexGeeks show and I loved it! Great job, Lindsay & Rob! I'll be sure to add this show to my "Women in Podcasting" list.

Topic suggestion for a future show: polyamory. I happen to be poly, and there is such a dismal lack of information and intelligent discussion about poly and other responsible alternatives to monogamy.

Keep it up!

- Amy Gahran
Hi Amy,

So glad you enjoyed the show! We're shooting for doing this weekly, but Lindsay is sick this week, so we're going to be a little late (hoping for Saturday if Lindsay's up to it).

I'm glad you mentioned polyamory, it's definitely on my list of things to talk about. I would LOVE to hear some frist hand accounts of the pros and cons that you have discovered from being poly. That would help to add a lot of depth to any discussion on the subject.

We've set up a simple blog on blogspot to host the show at http://sexgeeks.blogspot.com/, as well as a gmail account (which this email is coming to you from) at: sexgeeks@gmail.com. We will be posting the next show to both the new blog, and my personal blog to transition things, but after that it will only be to the new blog, so if you subscribe (and we hope you do ;), it's best to do it on the new site.

Thanks for Listening!

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