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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Accelerating Change 2004 Podcasts
I've mentioned the Accelerating Change 2004 conference a couple of times here before. I enjoyed it tremendously, and would strongly encourage anyone who likes pondering a wide variety of technology-related topics to attend.

I've discovered that ITConversations is creating podcasts of the various speakers at AC 2004. Yay!

I've just finished listening to Jim Spohrer's presentation on Service as a Science, which I didn't get a chance to attend while I was there. I found it wonderfully thought-provoking, and keeping with what we're discovering at the company I'm working with. I'd love to hear more from his group as they dig deeper into it.

Perhaps the most interesting stats were the fact that IBM is a 50% services organization, and that GE is a 70% service business!

Also on ITConversations' coverage of AC 2004 are presentations from Helen Greiner of iRobot (makers of the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner), author David Brin, Gee Rittenhouse from Lucent Technologies (I think this is the presentation I was at when Spohrer was presenting in a different room).

I'm looking forward to hearing again presentations by Maxis founder Will Wright, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel specifically (though I think I left with the DVD of both of their presentations) and of course all of the presentations I wasn't able to attend.

If this sort of thing might interest you, I encourage you to check them out.
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