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Friday, March 04, 2005
The RobCast Parade of Ideas: The Living Room
This (~5m, ~2.6MB) is an installment of the Parade of Ideas Series on The RobCast

I have some ideas in my head that I can't do anything with, and so I thought I would toss them into a podcast and make room for new ideas.

I don't claim that all, or even most, of these ideas are good, but hopefully one will occasionally be interesting to someone if for nothing else than to spark new ideas of their own.

You are free to use these ideas as you see fit

While I may not have patented, or otherwise protected any of these ideas, that does not mean that they are protection free.

It is certainly possible that someone else has had the same idea and has protected it.

The Living Room concept

Starting with something relatively simple to get a sense for how this might work
It's very short

Clock radio
Motion detector
Sound-activated Microphone
Internal storage

Device would sit in a room and would record small audio clips (30 seconds or less), whenever there was sound occurring during a poll period.

Polling periods could be set, but might default to once every five to 10 minutes

Collects sounds only in small bites to save on storage and limit the risk of embarrassing playback

One minute after detecting motion, it listens for silence and plays clips from what it's heard

If it continues detecting motion and not sound, it will continue to periodically play clips

The room is talking back to you, telling you what it has remembered

All this would sit in a clock radio form factor

Additional features
controllable Hours of activity
External USB connector for more storage/data download

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