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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
No Mystery Sweepstakes for Coke?
I just glanced at the bottle of Coke on my desk and noticed the words "you won a FREE 1 liter!". Of course, these were under the words "Look under the cap to see if" written in smaller type.

Of course, this is what Coke wants you to see, but it made me wonder: do they even need to hide the answer at all? What would happen if Coke just put "this bottle wins a free liter", and "this bottle is not a winner" on their bottles?

Sure, those who wanted to cheat the system would, but those who don't care about the promotion would just ignore it. People for whom promotions are important get more out of them, the rest, who don't care, don't care. Better use of promotional dollars it would seem.

My guess on why they are unlikely to do this is probably because they expect a certain number of winners will get into the hands of those people who don't care. Those people are less likely to redeem their prize, while still reinforcing their brand affinity.

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