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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Podcast: Transcribing You Podcast
Here's today's podcast (~14 minutes, ~6.5Mb)

This one is about my belief that people should use voice recognition software to transcribe their podcasts.

I'm including my show notes as they may be more informative this time than usual, but they're pretty crude. The transcription (which is horrible this time, no doubt because the universe has a sense of humor) is below the notes.

Show Notes
January 4, 2005
The RobCast
what is quickly becoming a frequent supplement to and likely replacement for the RoBlog

It is time to start automatically transcribing your podcasts.
Yes it sucks but you should do it anyway

capturing knowledge is the first step in building on it

this is what has made the Internet so great; it's a knowledge capture mechanism
people can go and find information out there in the world in ways never before possible, and build upon that information

but the internet is still heavily text based, meaning that your audio content is locked inside of its file. transcribing your content helps people use search engines to find you

podcasting has the right kind of visibility to spur development in voice to text, which I believe will be transformative in other ways

won't people just consume the text version?
let's start by asking what would be so bad if they did
It would be fairly equivalent to blogging, which most podcasters were probably already doing anyway

now it seems likely that people are interested in podcasting (especially receiving podcasts) because they like the SPOKEN version better. They like the personal dynamic as well as the portability.

And for all the reasons that portable podcasts are useful (so you can consume content when your eyes are otherwise occupied) it will continue to be

I strongly believe that adam curry is wrong to get hung up on the fact that people who have access to his show notes. People like you for your personality Adam, and reading your podcast is just not the same experience.

Making your content easier to access will bring more, not fewer listeners

What if I don't do, as Dave Winer calls it, the "soliloquy" format?
may be best for rambloggers like me who just talk and less good for those that integrate other things into their podcast

If you can isolate your voice track from the rest, however, you can transcribe just that portion.

It would be nice if there was a service that allowed you to upload your podcasts and get back a transcription, but there would likely be challenges learning and updating your voice model (though if you used something like Flash Communication server, you this could probably be made much easier)

Please send me your comments

IBM ViaVoice's Garbled Transcription
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Today's Voice recognition softwares are not capable enough to accurately convert natural speech into text yet. I run a company which provides transcription services for Podcasts among other transcription services for businesses and educational institutes and we use good old method of listening to the audio stream and typing it manually. It takes longer time than automatic conversion, but the resulting transcript is as accurate as the audio itself. We have been able to provide fast turnaround times and cost-effective transcription solutions by locating our transcribers in India - hiring graduates, training them on nuances of transcribing and dedicating specific teams for specific subject areas to utilize the learning curve. Check us out at http://www.tech-synergy.com

Ashish Saboo
I like your post..I am using TranscribeMe for podcast transcription and i am impressed by there 24/7 services.
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