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Monday, January 03, 2005
Podcast: Solving the Show Notes Problem
Here's my second podcast (15 minutes, ~7MB)

This podcast discusses an idea I have that might make show notes more useful for podcasters. I describe (poorly) a potential application that would allow mobile podcast listeners to request particular show notes via their mobile phones using SMS.

Here's the garbled transcript, provided by IBM's ViaVoice:
It's January 3, 2005 and listen to the robcast the robcast is an occasional supplement to and potential replacements for the raw blogged my regular blog @ ve Rob blogged dot Blogspot dot COM that Steve er zero P L O G dot Blogspot dot COM six is that you have any French indeed leading any comments about this uh podcast please to reduce cellular on the blogged entry accounting this article or is podcast or pun duty only at the door Rob blogged at the net at work not, deaths and the Rob blogged at T H E N E T A T W O R K dock, has to be pretty quick entry because EDS status settlement of the first of inspiration, or redress are out there because of to is to do is in about it but hopefully and dress of of taking too was a of a quick note to us that there of to of like a last podcast and recorded this essentially north through my iPod and recording this one directly into my computer we will see a sign that makes a civilian defense it probably will thief island lacks a certain amount of the season and portability of the iPod and and they switch to this uh this of the design is a charge of worked well so descriptive entry is about to S M S and podcasting addresses the of short messaging service I believe is what it stands for essentially it's the ability to text message through your piece their reinvestment and in give jurors thinking Baden's youth as the masses interested me for quite some time because I think it is really in dicty the of the the the the missing portion we're talking about an hour for example marketing online, or even it would require error a response of Mr. you might normally do via computer and of so much of much of what we do is mobile of we're we're about about what we exposed to things that debt is its its best in and we have no way of some ofs the we haven't come up with some way ofs allowing us to engage further is something that we sent interesting or of about of without having to go back to say f to Fuertes cells of so if this is specifically for a talk about podcast officials of General cigar are pre useful as a supplement the supplemental information for podcast and the loss is not this year's second television accretive some of those as such having the support to podcast and enlisted to a bunch of hot castors the it it sounds like shows tend to include proposals include via URL links to some articles that were mentioned in degrees to download the service in will bull extra bits of content of that there is not possible aura in the of the problem is that to the rebels hold interesting part about podcasting to begin with is the idea the you can't take a essentially this upon Internet experience this this online media and you can ticket with an sh lawyers who do your grocery shopping in unison today's corner Reuter to Excel to service its characters are beholden to zero doctor Wilson is a curious taken his lovely media with in some respects it's delicious and those are not a disservice or use the services because John's and on it if hyperbolic but the really it did its and less useful in Manila and increase local law backed the surprise entry into it and since they never looked at I think it's probably a slight the Canara least at Shearson and because such a run into a song people show notes as I subscribe to respond is there's no easy way to and during that in the uh podcasting Harris as readers but that more Latimer test in the those people mention that the Indians in your alluringly to something annually about
In a car wash and workers and the night that its zero what I do want is some and dozens of show moves don't relieve the city that slow downs and zero other proposal for an on-line service and and that essentially allows you creators show of shows is is a worry are built in this or displays his triumphs whistled lookism-go some place I did that tonight I commence my shows by a single camera type the title of additional monotype and the constancy and there may not be your own in the not include your all this and a do that and then to analyze data all in there and done everything arranged well want to on his it stays the on this web applications website and one legged back to his eighth lists of the notes with a list of the titles of the notes and perhaps to be lethal an analyst of the tunnels and roads and associated constant ID number of safety note ideas you well that goes with each of the of so ofs then when I I can use this page has I'm actually doing 9 podcast 2 to gunna preference to have my notes and as a goal on a night when I'm on to refer you to something Honda this House are blog or me because they view digest add an additional nine automation and blog your eyes just type in the zeroth saw the police doesn't fit in with via Swiss as with the show was persevered real-time this show um then that you can read through those the state House to consent case time and you can slide this URL business and these three financial notice 4216 up end death what when I went to the Solicitor this to and during a course your podcast for a to be near the end of uh I expect you tell me a is phone number the Aiken has a message to end of I would become vice my cellphone which I have to assemble some I wouldn't attack in a similar ruling course I like to show beyond the dollar since nine and then that I would type accounts and IBM release and united stand on my song and moral lasted be done in essence of what would happen meet music's stands when Joe its you and S M S process in service sooner rather couple some of their and debt announcing on talk to them and passenger services turn out to be absent critiques the U.S. tour on the the message to sign a server associated with the somber alleges give it an offense and to bring about some numbers um there he exists * allows you to creekside digit phone numbers and the purpose of the text messaging they've been trying to get so you can do given us at amount universally across all phone carriers sent this in IDs a dozen always work ofs as our only five digits after 20,000 uses some rounds of resources and and the possession and so many of these artists launce the visitors a shortcut to us in the anonymous buyer tenses in number because um be hard for people are remembering can get some sort of vanity Merck's flight the plus and souls of in Britain on a crucial task of the service of back and did the messages shows you the form an earlier given it some routes that message to the appropriateness transfer and and and and your server reduce the high person's phone number that that sent you a message and they get the haulms be no idea it is a and file where the notes IDs could include deep to be for the entire show of so if you use your other options wells under the new server to says okay this here's the person's phone number here is the IDs it nears the show ideas to warrant um hum look to see is our behalf and yellow dresses those in the number of the Madonna of Hamas and back a message sense if I'm the person who set trends are request from Agamas summer storms as as in your e-mail address or a continuous on all the replied that in my e-mail address and send it this time to an and an e-mail address will restore its highest number until such time as sites designed changes are glial together and this this service why Lindsay's you by e-mail that particular show amount of so you'll it and you're probably automatically bundles in is like what show data was in what so ofs Peugeot was and who did it in what a show title was won may be generally well as a bounce whether you entered into your Shona Manager application Venus and then it which sit is shipped off to to the recipients of events if I hear is of particular legal matchup tonight to ask the House Un-American tie against an increase our gross or example and decrees on a non-religion cullis but podcast notes number of and then type in his bid because of constant and I wanted sense a little shot in my e-mail box and its German bass in the computer on and yo < happens in the vicinity of an industry to the Urals to additional blog in your also larger our article or bonds and the reason you're also else up and deported to use that money back to my desk, or my Computer those things those in July decided were interesting fight and I captured at I was out in the steel as I was out be you'll like this is all about um I would have all this is always interesting stuff back here to to settle a strike in go get this Sal-n back in place and a half minutes and exit to activity section download the files I conclude in uniform of articles is this new way of some delivery and added value at St. John's sense to me to your listeners challenging things you can do it matter sublicense from the one used by you can't allow older users based on EDS's from from email is to have a single click to allow people to subscribe to hide your podcast for example sonority horror I in a unanimous occasion if you have refused to hear during notifications or e-mail newsletter the youths come seeking union to ask those people who have an additional interest in your contents on not not any kind of mean-spirited and around and and a stamp marking sort of way of but dead people who are generally interested genuinely interested in your cylinder Constantine can subscribe to this jury more modest Boston Edison's is a it in potentially determine his release be alerted likes when here in the area that you're in their career whenever issued want to capture their e-mail address for maybe 20ยข out Christmas e-mail's a Hans Smits of whatever where that happens to be of also discussion luncheonette the it that when I look into S and services for other applications under a small cost to believed both receive and stands on the back and sides and not from the consumer side you reduce whenever costs you incur would be in to Mr. with your cellphone plan the end the you to initially cover that by sponsor and you're you were females sponsor so that the year you could partner with a member makes sense treated to possibly result of your carrier unless at and so that the messages could say and perhaps if you're the person who designed to actually made this service into reality on businesses in a disservice of cells that sells the gas um but potentially to do it as as a user of the services well so whoever sponsors a show or maybe some of his sponsors if specifically You're notifications will analyst you get an agent to information and a U.S. of persons receiving content of and that this shows some of these accounts and to your question and underneath interest on my arrival absence or tax matter some sort of sinister bass 0 uraeus service then cinched useful to the consumer if the blood and services useful for them as as a producer of consent and that the up the people who are acting as a year earlier to connect to the of the mission of content of to consumers from the producer of also get something on the Web also a of I S zero step yet in in that sell well a very the very large net seller loses to the metals like to trade on this is the idea not to hope be some you'll the assessment the 16 ministers so that if you listen to this uh podcasting this is actually useful idea on and but added that day asked to more willing to do some linguists East you do, who love to hear about it I knew you in your interest in getting started with it around your eye of an accomplice of the consent some of us reason winsome one of the abortions and phone numbers as to the and get in contact to um but dead just does least be required Grammy skills of patients are are beyond the end of lease of this in and slice whenever solar no use use its use Release one is interested in how coursers us and to your do with this concept and uncertainties in yet in email at of the Rob blogged at the network doctor of were visit my blog at the RoBlog dot Blogspot dot, since her adult couple of articles of on my blog for related to asbestos and acquisition as messages for marketing in general and at least one resident mischievousness and stunts on my blog if I know I a so I actually if the minister did touched this last week his son article related to how surrealistic star in store sells organs from homes now housed in a an idea the concurrence is a horse race in the months wore on the House Waterston near the end of the idea I believe this so that U.S. investors number with it with the House a regular property more of but a description of what is of what the is stored on what moral summation of the House if I install new novel is I hope you enjoyed this to Ms. podcast
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