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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Pretty Purple Map

According to the Geomblog, this map is everywhere, but I just ran across it and think it's pretty cool, so I'm posting it too!

It sort of helps answer my wonderings about whether we're a nation of two polar opposites, or grouped right around the dividing line.

UPDATE: I originally (mere moments ago) forgot to attribute the map included here to Robert Vanderbei of Princeton University. I also failed to point out that the reason I was looking at Geomblog was because of their cool maps that show counties with their area proportional to, as near as I can tell, their population (I'm still reading that page so I haven't quite figured it out yet). SHAME ON ME!
Hi, I'm Suresh from the geomblog. the maps you were loooking at were indeed population-distorted, so that county areas reflected populations.
Thanks for the clarification Suresh!
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