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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Nanobot Shampoo
A while back I had a truly useful idea for nanotech: Create a shampoo filled with nanobots that would keep your hair the same length as it was when you first applied the shampoo.

The basic idea is that the nanobots would climb to the top of an individual hair, then measure the distance to its root. It would then measure the distance back up to the top, and if the hair had grown, would cut it back to the originally measured length. Lather, rinse, repeat (actually, the lather and rinse portion would be optional).

For added interest, imagine that you could deactivate them all remotely, or remotely program a haircut in. You tell it what you want, and it cuts those hairs that are too long, and waits for the rest to grow. Heck, you could even create a transition plan that makes sure you don't look too much like a freak (unless that was your goal) in the transition period. Of course managing a haircut would require each nanobot to know which hair it was on so it could be cut appropriately, and each nanobot would have to report its position back to the controller so that the controller would know how many hairs to model and where.

Interesting concept nonetheless, eh? Since the Patent Office just started issuing patents for nanotech, maybe I should hop on this right away! Anyone want to help front the legal cost in order to get a strangle hold on the hair products market? Sassoon, I'm looking at you (ok, maybe I'm looking at Selsun Blue, now stop snickering)!
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