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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
NYX Wearable Displays
Finally, a coat that allows me to fulfill my lifelong dream of putting my Meyers-Briggs type (INTP) on my back so that everyone can flock to me to tell me how interesting it must be to be me.


Why are you laughing?

I suppose you'll use this coat with a built-in display to show everyone your Star Wars name. As if THAT wasn't 5-minutes-ago.

Anyway, it's pretty cool, though low-res. Requires a Palm with software, and no indication on price or how many times it can go through the wash (maybe just once?). The coat has a display on the front and back, and from the video clip, it looks like they use the same text.

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: NYX Wearable Displays
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