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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Epson's Electronic Ink RFID = 21st Century Price Tags
Thank goodness for Gizmodo and its translation from Japanese, otherwise I'd never hear about interesting things like Epson's combination of digital paper with radio frequency ID (RFID) tags before it was already passe'.

The idea is to cut the cost of updating prices in a store. You can expect that this will help usher in a wave of real-time supply/demand pricing which, while in theory, could be good for shoppers who are looking for overstock items, probably won't be as good as it sounds when stores implement it with price floors, but no price ceilings.

Don't expect fixed pricing to go away any time soon, but real-time pricing changes should still be interesting to watch.

Gizmodo: Epson's Electronic Ink RFID = 21st Century Price Tags
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