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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Weeeee, a fun information swarming idea. Essentially, Mappr takes geographic information from photos saved on Flickr.com (which I use from time to time), and places the photos on a map of the US allowing you to virtually explore real space via OPP (other people's photos...has enough time passed for that reference to be cool yet, or is it still lame?).

It looks like it's not up and running quite yet, but if it can do what they say it can, or even some part of that, it should be a very interesting project.

I'd be interested to know, since they state they don't use GPS, what kind of location data they're using. Could be interesting for my Self-Documenting Life project that I'm currently running.

stamen: mappr: geo-location of tagged images on flickr.com
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