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Sunday, September 05, 2004
World History : HyperHistory
Back in 1995, I started building out what I called "The Web of History" which was essentially a way of slicing and dicing history so that you could see what was going on in one culture during defining moments of other cultures, and you could track discoveries/inventions/events back to their roots, or forward to their offspring.

The Web of History never really got off the ground in large part because I didn't have access to any database to store it in (and in the early stages, there were still hundreds of files to maintain), and I'm not a completor of things by nature (I have, subsequently, developed the database schema for this, but haven't done anything with it).

In any case, I just stumbled across HyperHistory, which seems to be doing more or less the same thing.

World History : HyperHistory
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