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Friday, September 03, 2004
BT Exact Looks at the Future
I ran across this PDF from BT Exact (the IT arm of BT, as near as I can tell).

It's a collection of one sentence (or less) predictions about when various things will happen.

Apparently written in 2001, and being the 5th edition of a work started in 1991, the intro all seems well and good and more or less well reasoned. But it's interesting to see that they run amok starting from the very first prediction - AI Doctors by 2001 - and more or less go downhill from there.

I haven't read passed the first section (Artificial Inteligence [sic] and Artificial Life), so it may get better beyond that.

An instructive and informative read (so far).

BT Exact: Clever Stuff
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