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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Photo Swarming

I don't recall if I've mentioned the information swarming concept any more than in passing here previously. Basically it's the idea of various (relatively) small bits of information converging somewhere to create something larger. I'm a firm believer that this will represent an important information-gathering process in the future and have some ideas of how it could be used.

In any case, one of the first things that occurred to me was the idea that photos taken by members of a group should swarm to somewhere where all members of the group could instantly look at them. I proposed this idea to the group I travelled with in Thailand, and the idea was very enthusiastically received. I spent some time looking for a site that would enable this, and finally settled on giving everyone a common account to one site (I forget which).

Turns out, Flickr.com is set up to enable just exactly that kind of activity. Cool!

(Caveat, I haven't actually tried Flickr.com out in a group setting yet, but their site literature is the first to mention anything of this kind, so it seems a good bet they've enabled it.)

In any case, here's a photo from the kite camera page mentioned in a previous article; just for fun.
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