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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Tech Crazy > Internet connections will hit 10Gbit by 2010 in Japan
NTT, Fujitsu and the Japanese Government have evidently undertaken a project to bring 10Gb/s Internet connections into people's homes. That's certainly awe inspiring and fun to think about, but what was more awe inspiring is that in Japan, and apparently several other countries, 100Mb/s fiber is already being rolled out in people's homes.

This certainly speaks to a future when entertainment content is delivered primarily over the Internet rather than by cable, broadcast, and the like. And with 3Mb/s wireless connections already in some countries, the era of watching what you want when you want to where ever you are, is fast approaching. It also probably signals the rosey future of edge content providers like Akamai who will likely be increasingly relied on to get content as close to the consumer as possible to reduce strain on the Internet backbones.

But all of this begs the question: What new uses would 10Gb/s inspire? Surely 1Gb/s is fast enough for very high quality video. What could be the next killer application that would require individual users to have 10Gb/s connections? Is it just more simultaneous feeds, or is there something more revolutionary waiting?

Tech Crazy > Internet connections will hit 10Gbit by 2010 in Japan
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