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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Wireless tech gets workout at RNC | CNET News.com
Here comes the future!

Information swarming is happening at many levels at the RNC, it appears (and happened at the DNC as well). Officers in the field will be equipped with small wireless cameras on their headgear, allowing people in a centralized location to see what the officer sees. I wonder how the wireless bandwidth is managed here. Seems like you could clog a network pretty fast with a bunch of cameras like this.

Mobile bloggers with camera phones will be convering the scene from many angles, presaging the individual-as-reporter era that we should see become the dominant process in the next couple of years. I assume that events of this magnitude that happen a year from now will contain video and audio. Now if I could only get my Micro-Local-News concept off the ground, I'm sure I could make a mint ;)

Wireless tech gets workout at RNC | CNET News.com
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