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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Omni Future Almanac: High-Energy Particle Anomalies
Pg. 23

There is a general discussion of the seeming paradox that certain particles can transmit information faster than the speed of light, as witnessed by their spin. When the members in a pair of these particular particles are spinning, they always do so in opposite directions from each other. When separated and one forced to change its spin, its partner immediately changes spin accordingly.

Now, no doubt I've horribly butchered what actually happens, so why stop there?

The prediction is that we "will develop an explanation for these types of phenomena sometime in the early twenty-first century."

I don't know if we have an explanation for why or how this occurs, but it does have a name (which is as good as an explanation, right?)...only I don't recall it exactly. It's something like quantum entanglement, and all I really know about it is that it keeps coming up in discussions of quantum computing and, not surprisingly, long distance communication.

So, have we solved this? I'm guessing not, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable out there could correct me. If not, then we're probably darned close, which is where we always get into trouble, so I'll predict that it won't be solved for another 25 years ;)
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