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Sunday, December 21, 2003
Profiles of the Future: Short-Range Transportation
pp. 23-24 "The Future of Transport"
"In the first category - very short ranges [from 1 to 10 miles] - only police, doctors, and fireman have any need to travel at over fifty miles an hour, or any right to inflict such speeds on the community..."

An error of morality/riteousness. Why would traveling faster in a community be inflicting something upon it. Why would people not want to get somewhere within 10 miles more quickly than they currently do? This is tantamount to saying that we should want to get information from around the world any faster than it can be walked to us from its origination.

Interestingly, at at least one point he misses a transformation of a profession to a model where doctors no longer go to people, but people go to the doctors (he can be excused for this as he presumably means those that would arrive to deal with a medical emergency; a paramedic's role these days.

Further, it is certainly conceivable that we will revert back to a process where doctors once again pay visits, though my guess is that this will be supplanted by advances in telepresence if it were to happen at all).
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