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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Thinking About the Future: Hologram Movies
See, here it is only mere moments since I posted the last entry and here I am posting the next one.

I was just reading the Technological Lifestyles section of the OMNI Future Almanac and had to toss in my comments. We're on page 194 for those of you following along at home.

The discussion is about the future of movie entertainment and how holographic movies may be one way that theaters retain the ever more flighty movie customer. The time frame is roughly the turn of the century. Problem is, I haven't heard any buzz about holographic movies. I'm guessing that since I've heard buzz about digital projectors in movies for quite some time now and there is still no movie theater near me (as far as I know), and probably not one near you unless you are George Lucas, that holographic movies are still at least 10 years out.

But here's an interesting thought: Consider that if portable computing has gotten to the point that you have a constant heads up display with you (which I believe it will be, or at least will be very close by in 10 years), it may be entirely possible that we could be seeing movies in 3D through stereoscopic glasses that most of use are wearing all the time anyway. A little bit of software and you can send one image to one lense and another image to the other lense. Poof! 3D with no hologram required. You might have to include data from several different cameras and sensors to detect your head motion to give the proper impression of 3D as you look around, but that could still be much easier that large scale holographic movie production.

If this were to be the way popular 3D were to unfold, I suspect it will have little impact on the development of holographs except to slow down the development a bit. It may be that holographs would need to fill a different niche than the movie industry, however.

Just something to think about.

What ever happened to the holographs? Let me know at: roblog@thenetatwork.com, or leave a comment.
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