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Friday, June 22, 2012
"Modular Architecure", Comments on Future Shock
Future Shock is a book written by Alvin Toffler, and published in 1970.  I'm reading through it and commenting as I go.  Feel free to follow (and comment) along!

On p63, Toffler uses modular “snap in” architecture as examples of how man’s relationship with “things” is becoming ever more transient.

“…they all conspire toward the same psychological end: the ephemeralization of man’s links with the things that surround him.”

Could the fact that we haven’t moved, in the intervening 40 years, to large-scale transient architecture suggest that our desire for a less ephemeral surrounding outweighs our need for the convenience that a constantly changing environment would bring?  Or was he just too optimistic on how soon it would be until this kind of building was easy enough to implement broadly?  Or has, maybe, this already happened, and I’ve just missed it?

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