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Friday, February 10, 2006
The RobCast: Roadtrains with Bruce McHenry
Interview with Bruce (53MB, 58mins)

I met Bruce McHenry at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference where we got to talking about the future of transportation. As it happens, he is a transportation consultant helping to bring about (among other things) "roadtrains", which are collections of physically coupled cars travelling together to make better use of both the road and fuel.

I thought it would be fun to record a conversation with him, and he agreed. After many months of schedule jockeying, we finally were able to connect. Our conversation not only covered the direction Bruce thinks we should take passenger transportation on the roads, but touched on collaboration systems and mental illness.

You can find Bruce on the web at DiscussIt.org.

I'd love to hear any comments on the discussion if you care to leave them.
What is "Liberated Syndication"? Where may I find the audio?
Liberated Syndication (libsyn.com) hosts the audio file. You should just be able to click on the "Interview with Bruce" link to start the audio downloading.

I just tried it to confirm. Please let me know if this is not what happens for you.
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