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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Augmented Reality and Location-Based Services
Quick thought.

Local camera reads an AR marker which encodes an IP address. Contact a designated webservice at that IP address (probably encoded in the marker as well) to return the VR model (if any), object type (from a standard heirarchy of types), it's geocode, and it's methods and properties.

Local computing displays the model, and is responsible for updating it's display model and state changes.

This ties in objects (e.g. road signage) that can't have an IP address, or that are variable in space with no computing power to be interacted with as if you used a location based service to look it up.

Interesting possibilities abound, such as getting more information from road signs indicating food (e.g. getting geocoordinates for all restaraunts) to allowing a car to be interacted with without having to communicate with it directly.
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