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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Wrist Dreams: JCB Casio Offica Credit-Card Wristwatch
Here's a watch with a chip built into it so that you can make payments (in Japan) with it. It's very interesting, but I wonder about how you prevent paying for things just because your near a payment receptacle.

It supposedly comes with insurance so that if it's stolen you're protected from thieves running up a bill, so that's a good start.

I think having a watch as a center for communication with local objects makes a bunch of sense and wish I had made that connection (but the ways I've been thinking about it - wireless from a PDA/phone, direct contact of your PDA/phone - would still work...grumble grumble). My thinking remains, however, that the smarts will not likely be in the watch (for the foreseeable future) but in some other smart device you carry (phone/PDA) which can turn off the watches ability to communicate, and can present you with dialog boxes (or the equivalent) that say "Are you sure you want to pay $400 for this gum?".

Wrist Dreams: JCB Casio Offica Credit-Card Wristwatch
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